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The Stone Sugar Shakedown

The Stone Sugar Shakedown

...After All This!

The Stone Sugar Shakedown is funk, rock, blues & beyond delivered with St. Louis soul. United in Fall 2009, this carousel of talent, led by Nick Elwood & Tracy Gladden, has gigged throughout the Midwest, completed multi-state tours, self-recorded their debut album, broken into the festival circuit, and are currently recording their first studio album at St. Louis-based Sherpa Studios, which will be released on vinyl summer 2014. Each unique show brings a celebration of friends-- new and old-- enjoying the music’s unbridled spirit and uplifting energy. There’s no slowing the momentum of this waxing wave. Their future looks bright and funky.

Here We Are...

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The Stone Sugar Shakedown
Mar 25, 2017 The Stone Sugar Shakedown
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Big Gunther’s Stroll > Do What You Do (12:07) Funky Little Freak (4:00) Updown Funk (4:23) Wind of Change (7:20) Jonesin’ > Colors (16:52) Intro > Just You & M e (5:56)
Topics: Funk, Jam, Rock, Live, Concert, Festival, Soul, Blues, Cosmic, Improvisation, Groove, Bass, Drums,...
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